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"Our intention is to be the company of choice for surveying and property consultancy, to employ the best people we can recruit, give them a rewarding career in a supportive environment and continue creating the kind of company we would want to work for."


George Laurel & Partners is a family owned and run practice with over 30 years experience, specialising in all property matters from architectural design and construction monitoring to new build and historic building inspections.

We currently work in the following areas: Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Essex, Bedfordshire, Norfolk and London .

We take client care and attention very seriously. Without our clients we have no business. We believe that the majority of the service industry has forgotten this.

We instil in our staff the axiom 'if you answer the telephone, you must take responsibility to ensure that the question/query is dealt with as quickly as possible and is not left to somebody else' i.e. they must take personal ownership and responsibility. That way you, the client, gets an excellent level of service.

Like you, we know there is nothing worse than being passed from one person to another, all of whom appear to have no interest in you.

Quality, efficiency, value and service are our watchwords at George Laurel & Partners. If they are what you are looking for then call us now...08456 349173 for further information.

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